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24 September 2009

Intel’s new Cores are out

NEW: The Intel Core i5-750 processor, featuring the new LGA 1156 socket.

INTEL recently announced the release of several new microprocessors based on the company’s Nehalem microarchitecture.
Intel Core i5-750 box

The new processors, namely the Core i7-870 (2.93Ghz), Core i7-860 (2.80GHz) and Core i5-750 (2.66GHz), come with 8MB of Intel SmartCache, integrated PCIe controllers and an all-new LGA 1156 socket.

The new socket means that users who wish to upgrade will need to buy a whole new motherboard, specifically one based on the new Intel P55 chipset.

All three are quad-core processors and the biggest difference between the Core i7 series and the Core i5 is that the Core i7 supports Intel’s HyperThreading technology while the Core i5 does not.

Intel Core i5-750 box

HyperThreading can significantly enhance the performance of supported applications (such as video encoding and transcoding) by allowing each core to be treated as two processors instead of one by the operating system. This thereby allows up to eight processing threads to be shared amongst the four physical cores and four virtual cores, Intel said.

According to Intel Malaysia country manager Ryaz Patel, the lower price point of the Core i5 family means that a consumer can get a high-performance quad-core system for as low as RM2,199.

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