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17 September 2009

Kingston ships memory for Core i5 systems

Kingston announced it has shipped its 2,133MHz HyperX memory modules in support for Intel’s new LGA1156 Core i5 and Core i7 systems.

It claimed that its Intel XMP-ready (Extreme Memory Profiles) 4GB dual-channel 2,133MHz CL8 kit is the perfect choice for enthusiasts who are ready to take the Intel Core i5 platform to the next level of memory overclocking performance.

“Intel has worked closely with Kingston on testing HyperX memory for use with the Core i5 platform and P55 chipset,” said Intel memory ecosystem manager, Geof Findley in a statement.

“We’ve seen great results from all of the Kingston memory especially the high-performance dual-channel kits. The combination of Kingston HyperX and Core i5 utilising the Nehalem architecture brings unsurpassed performance for mainstream and enthusiast users.”

Kingston is shipping a family of XMP-ready HyperX products in different frequencies to support users of all levels who want to take full advantage of the Core i5 platform.

HyperX memory running at 1.65 volts are shipping in 4GB kits at 1,333MHz, 1,600HMz, 2,000MHz and 2,133MHz frequencies.

Kingston will also launch 8GB kits of two in 1,333MHz and 1,600MHz frequencies for users who wish to take advantage of 64-bit operating systems later this month

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