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05 December 2009

Capturing crime in HD

The latest Sony SNC-RH124 and SNC-RH164 PTZ cameras capture video in HD (720p) for sharper, more detailed pictures which are critical for security surveillance.

The cameras are designed to help the industry transit from standard definition to HD seamlessly, said Yoshikazu Hirano, Sony’s general manager for the Asia Pacific security solutions division.

“The ability to transmit HD video using advanced video compression signals combined with advanced features provide users added flexibility to deploy HD cameras in a number of industries,” he said.

The RH124 is for indoor surveillance and the RH164, which has a clear protective dome, is ideal for outdoor usage.

Both the models, which have the same specifications, capture video using the H.264 video compression technology at up to 30fps (frames per second).

Optionally, videos can also be stored in MPEG4 format.

With the built-in dual-encoding capability, the cameras can also record in two formats simultaneously, enabling users to maximise their network and storage resources, according to Sony.

The cameras have a CompactFlash slot which can be used to store images or to hook up an optional WiFi card to stream video wirelessly. They have a high-speed 360° panning capability and can rotate as fast as 400° per second to quickly and precisely capture almost any object within their field of view.

The built-in Visibility Enhancer and XDNR (eXcellent Dynamic Noise Reduction) technologies minimise motion blur and allow the cameras to be used in places with little light like a car park.

Each camera is also equipped with an advanced alarm system that detects motion, ambient audio and tampering.

When the system detects irregular motion based on up to three user-defined rules such as an intrusion across a virtual border, an alarm will be triggered to notify the operator.

If the system detects an attempt is made to tamper with the camera, say, by spray painting the lens, it will also sound the alarm.

If a speaker is connected to the cameras, they can also play one of three pre-recorded audio files if a breach is detected.

Prices for the cameras start from RM10,000

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